Scribbling: Why blog?

Hi Everyone!

I’m writing to you from Italy! I moved from Spain to Italy on Thursday, and I’m staying here for about a month, working with two host families for 3 weeks, then to another host family to spend a week with them. Exciting stuff.

Today I’m thinking about blogging. Last year, in “Scribbling: Why write? Why paint? Why create?”, I thought about why people create at all – in my case, both past and present: writing, painting, theatre, and any other type of art or craft you can imagine! I discussed the many reasons why I decided to try blogging and why I wanted to continue. I speculated that I would continue writing in this blog because I felt that it was having a positive impact on my creativity and health, and that creativity (usually, blogging and painting) actually functions as a way to communicate with others and helps me to keep in contact with people that I care about.

I’d like to take those ideas a step further and focus solely on blogging. Why do I blog? I started on February 1st, 2015, blogged consistently every week until, in the middle of May, I quit for a year and a week, and then started up again 3 weeks ago on Sunday May 27th.

Why bother?

I could have just let sleeping dogs lie. I could have let go and moved on to another hobby or returned to a different one.

Why did I start blogging again?

  • It’s fun
  • I missed it
  • Stress relief
  • I do enjoy writing
  • I love sharing my thoughts
  • I get to ask a lot of questions
  • I really like the blogging community
  • It’s a good way to express myself healthily
  • I like communicating with family, friends, and other bloggers
  • I can be introspective, critical, speculative, or as deep or thoughtful as I want
  • While others do read my blog, a lot of the energy that I put into it is for my own benefit
  • It’s a really nice feeling to have a wee corner of the internet that is solely for me, myself, and I

Not to mention that it’s a great way for me to keep in touch with myself and stay positive.

Sorry to dip into poetry but, blogging about positivity:

Pushes me forward

Obviously helps me see the silver linings of dark clouds

Stops me second-guessing myself

Invites me to think big

Turns around a bad day

Invigorates my mood

Vocalizes my inner thoughts

Initiates my imagination

Totally encourages my self-esteem

Yes, positive blogging is a great thing for me

Until now, I hadn’t really sat down and thought about the fact that that my positivity is linked to my creativity, especially writing this blog. I’m always talking about intersectionality and how everything is connected, and this is just another example of how all the parts of me are actually links that all join together to make the whole.

I suppose blogging is another link in the tangled chain that makes up me.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What do you think, bloggers? Why do you blog? What do you get out of blogging? Is it a big part of who you are as a person? And those who don’t blog… might you blog in the future? Why or why not? Leave me a comment below, you know I’m always up for a chat!

Thank you all for waiting patiently for my blog to get back up and running. I really appreciate you waiting for my writing to resume.  I’m re-integrating blogging back into my life. So far, I’ve been sticking to a weekly posting routine! Let’s hope it continues!

If you enjoyed this wee post on blogging and creativity, check out some similar older ones: “Scribbling: Reflecting on my own Writing”, “Sunshine: My Positive Attitude”, or/and “Scribbling: Why write? Why paint? Why create?”.

If you’re interested in my teaching, working, volunteering, and/or travel experience, be sure to check out my LinkedIn profile.

Thanks for stopping by!



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