Sunshine and Somewhere: Resilience

Wow, another post going live on a Friday—not a Sunday?!? One that falls under 2 of the 7 parts of my “Sunflower Life”? What is this madness?!? Who am I?

I’m the same Helen Sunflower, I promise!

I have combined Sunshine and Somewhere—positivity and travel—in this post because they are totally tangled together in this topic.

I promised an explanation of my prolonged absence, and here it is.

I was working through some things, and I needed some time. That’s all. Over the course of the first six months of 2015, a much-loved pet died, my ex-partner split up with me, and my job became increasingly demanding, unhealthy, unethical, and unsafe. By the time I reached May, my workload was overwhelming, my living conditions were pretty negative and stressful, my emotional state was imbalanced, and I was, both metaphorically and literally, ‘not in a very good place’. I was living in another country and teaching English, and that comes with its own set of issues: cultural difference, language barriers, long-distance relationships with friends and family. While those things don’t usually bother me at all – I tend to go out and explore cultures and enjoy difference, learning new languages, and keeping in touch with friends and family – the isolation at that difficult time in my life did take its toll on me.

I needed time and space to breathe and sort through all the things I was dealing with.

It was a very difficult stage of my life journey.

Despite all of that, I ‘bounced back’. I took things one step at a time, working through problems as best I could when they reared their heads. I’m usually quite a positive person, so that helped me a lot when I was trying to make changes, take steps, and move forward with my life.

I recognized something in myself that has always been there but I hadn’t noticed before: resilience.

Resilience (noun): “the ability to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens” (Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary).

In life, sometimes things don’t go the way we expect them to go, and then we have to decide where to go from there. After we weather some (metaphorical) storms, we can decide what to do next.

I think that the ways I worked through last year’s issues definitely have had an impact on who I am now. I’m even more independent and travel-hungry than I used to be. I value myself and the relationships that I have even more than I used to – and I hadn’t thought that was possible! I chase my dreams more and I’m more critically aware and considering when making any important choices. I’m even closer with my loved ones.

It’s nice to think that good things came out of that difficult time.

But it’s also important to remember that healing is an ongoing journey. I still have some bad days and I’m fine with that because I know that it’s natural part of growth and development.  Today, I feel like I can take on the world.

I am resilient.


Are you resilient? What does resilience mean to you? Do you believe we need to be resilient to survive the difficult periods in our lives? Go ahead and drop me a line below and share your thoughts, I’d like to hear them!

Thank you all for waiting patiently for my blog to get back up and running. I really appreciate you waiting for my writing to resume.  Life is an ongoing journey, and I’m re-integrating blogging back into it. I’m sticking to my weekly posting routine!

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If you’re interested in my teaching, working, volunteering, and/or travel experience, be sure to check out my LinkedIn profile.

Thanks for dropping by!



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