Silliness: Reclaiming ‘Silly’

I think it’s time to reclaim ‘silliness’.

We all need a bit of enjoyment in our lives, to be playful, to laugh, to have fun with our family and friends.

To me, silliness is a big part of that.

Usually when we think of “silliness” or “being silly”, the word has negative connotations. We associate it with unintelligence, ignorance, or disinterest. When I was a child, and my dramatic silliness spilled over and irritated the adults in my vicinity, the word was used to chastise me. “Don’t be silly” and “Stop being silly” definitely came my way a few times. I know that an energetic child who never stops talking can be irritating, and now I definitely understand how my parents and the other authority figures in my life were easily-frustrated by me at the time because I JUST NEVER STOPPED.

It’s not at all a secret that, sometimes, I still don’t.

Too much silliness can blind you to important parts of your life, or the feelings of others. That’s a problem. We should never let our own enjoyment harm other people. It is important not to go too far and pursue silliness at the expense of others.

But a little silliness? That can be a good thing.

I’m talking about silly knock-knock jokes. Silly memes. Silly comedy shows. Silly inside jokes with friends. Silly fangirl excitement moments because oh-my-god-that-character-on-that-tv-show-I-love-did-that-thing.

I’m thinking about the times when we suspend social norms and just play around with our family and friends.

I’m smiling about the times when my partner snarks something silly at me and I laugh for ages.

I’m blushing at the silly embarrassing moments that sometimes define me.

These small parts of our lives, while ‘silly’, give us pleasure. They make us laugh. They make us happy.

If we want to be positive and lead lives that we enjoy, that make us happy, we need a little silliness.

So, the next time a friend is fanboying himself silly over that-thing-he-loves-that-you-just-don’t-get, smile and laugh and let him have his moment. When a friend is hysterical over that silly meme she loves but you just don’t see the point of, grin, groan and push on.

At the end of the day, they need a little silly in their lives – even if it’s a silly you just don’t get.

Make sure you take the time for your own silliness: get excited about something, watch something that makes you laugh, remember the inside jokes or embarrassing moments from your past.

Be sure to make new moments too.

Smile at your own silliness.

Enjoy it.

Why not?

Do you take time to be silly? What do you do? Does it make a difference in your life? Leave me a comment if you fancy.

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4 thoughts on “Silliness: Reclaiming ‘Silly’

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